Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Drank The Essential Oils Kool-Aid.

A few months back, I started seeing a ton of post on social media about Essential Oils and how great they are for anxiety, focus, weight loss, hair growth and everything in between. My skeptic hat instantly went on and I thought that this had to be a bunch of crunchy-granola-hippy-dippy shiznit. I shook my head and brushed off all these fabulous claims thinking that there’s no way it could actually work.
A few weeks later I was on a girls getaway and suffered from an unexpected anxiety attack (for those of you who have never experienced one, you don’t always know what causes it or how to prevent it, so it can be a major pain in the 'arse'). After a sleepless night I treated myself to a massage hoping that it would help. The therapist asked if there was a certain scent I wanted used for my massage and I told her whatever would help kick anxiety out. She claimed that she had just the thing. I saw her shake two little bottles into her hand and quickly rub them together. She told me to close my eyes and take three deep breaths. With each breath, a sense of calming came over me and I got this weird tingly feeling. I instantly had to remind myself that there’s no way this is actually working – but then I took another breath and felt even more relaxed, ok, maybe there’s something to this… with the third breath I was in a deeply relaxed state and the therapist had yet to lay a finger on me. After our 60 minutes were up, I asked her what she used in the beginning. She told me it was a combination of Lavender and Orange essential oils and that there are millions of little sensors in our nose that help transmit emotions and (a bunch of other hippy-dippy words) to our brains.

This sent me into a researching frenzy. I read blog after blog about how Essentials Oils worked, the different brands, the different ways you get duped, everything! I figured I would try it out and ordered a set via Amazon. Word the wise, don’t bother. The ones on Amazon are crap. There are only two brands that are certified to be ingested (taken orally) and that’s DoTerra or Young Living. I did a lot more research after sending back the bogus Amazon set (thank you Amazon Prime) I decided to go with one of the bigger brands – Young Living.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Big News and A Shift For Kasey's Kitchen

It is with much excitement that I share the news that I have recently accepted a position as the new Marketing Specialist for one of the most well-known celebrity chefs in the world. Who knew that numerous run-ins at the Oscars and other culinary events around LA would lead me to this!

I’m thrilled to be joining this elite team and will finally be able to combine my knack for marketing and branding with my love for food in a professional setting.

So you may be thinking, what does this mean for Kasey’s Kitchen? And I’m glad you asked.

Kasey’s Kitchen will remain my passion but you may notice I’m not as active as I used to be. I will still take the time to share fun recipes and all my foodie finds on social media however, you may see a bit more tidbits from the Pros. This is all still pretty fresh so I don’t want to say for sure how it will change my involvement with my own blog and endeavors but I wanted to share the excitement. 

The team is well aware of Kasey’s Kitchen and were thoroughly impressed by the work I have done with it, which is one of the things that attracted them to me. This is by no means a “Closing Up Shop”, just more of a “Cutting Back Hours” kind of deal.

I hope that you all will continue to support my posts on Kasey’s Kitchen, engage on social media and keep up to date with all the delicious discoveries I make along my journey! 

Coconut Chocolate Almond Butter

Today I bring you a new installment of my recipe collection for Kelapo Coconut Oil. 
If you're in need of that little something sweet but don't want to have all the guilt, a spoonful of this Coconut Chocolate Almond Butter will do the trick. 

Nut butters are all the rage right now, and for a good reason! When made properly, these butters serve as a phenomenal sweet tooth satisfier which pack a powerful protein punch. You can spread them on an apple or toast for a quick breakfast or add a scoop to a smoothie for a little extra boost. Want to eat a spoonful on its own? Go for it! I don't judge! 

Now what if I told you that you can bump up that butter to another level simply by adding one ingredient.  Go on, guess what that ingredient is... you guessed it, Coconut Oil! As you may know, coconut oil is packed with healthy fats that actually help keep your tummy from rumbling along with a number of other health benefits... healthier hair, skin, and heart, just to name a few. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pineapple Margarita Recipe

The weather is warming up, the sun is setting later, and to me, that’s all I need as an excuse for a fresh margarita! As good as the whole lime standard is, I love seeing all the new spins people are putting on margs like Smokey Chipotle or Mandarin Mango! I decided to take a stab at the whole mixology thing and put together a cocktail that will become your summer staple from Cinco de Mayo to Labor Day!

1 part Revel Blanco (Or your favorite blanco tequila)
1 part triple sec
1 part fresh lime juice
1 part fresh pineapple juice
Agave, to taste

In a shaker with ice, combine all ingredients and give is a good shake.
Serve in a chilled glass and garnish with fresh pineapple, a little lime zest and a tiny sprinkle of chili powder for a little somethin’ somethin’. 

Dadadadada Dun.... TEQUILA! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Best Mug Shots On The Internet!!

Did that title get your attention?? Sorry to be a tease, but these really are some of the cutest mugs out there!

I'm thrilled to announce my collaboration with Moore Avenue! Together, we've created a set of foodie-inspired mugs to bring a bit of wit and whimsy to your kitchen.

This collaboration plays off the designs used in my "Eat Your Heart Out Collection" and utilizes some of my favorite foodie puns and infamous hashtags.

Order yours here!

Want to win your own? Just comment below with your favorite design of the three and you're entered! I'll be picking a winner at the end of the week!